Hemp is more than just a canvas. It's a choice that reflects sustainability and practicality.  Artisan Gear was born in 1989 to provide quality hemp goods to the world. Soon it became the recognized name in hemp bags throughout the USA and Japan.

With love for art and creativity, Artisan Gear  produced band merch for several acts over the decades. You can spot historic Artisan Gear in vintage shops across the world, such as this Grateful Dead shop in Osaka.

Now, Artisan Gear has taken root in the heart of Oregon. Bearing classic designs and conscious minds, the Artisan Brothers strive for craftsmanship and elegance. Every single Artisan bag is still hand sewn and inspected, to ensure the most reliable, dependable bag you've ever owned.

Artisan canvas is 100% hemp. The eco-twill liner is made from recycled bottles. The dyes are low-impact, and the products are cruelty-free.

We don't need industries that hurt the world. We need fashion that survives it.


Start with a pure idea: add only what is necessary.


We admire the humble strength and natural beauty of hemp. An Artisan design starts with soft, organic lines to focus on the elegance of the material. Then, bound edges highlight the function of each piece. With this focus, complex ideas hide in simple expression.

Led by this aesthetic, we've refined our designs over three decades. Sometimes two pockets are better than three - the size and shape of what we carry changes with technology and culture.

It's hard to see at first, but The Courier has a keyholder, a business card slot, and a 15 inch laptop pocket. When not thought about, these features fade into the design.

The Omni has four brass rings that accentuate the natural rectangle silhouette. When the shoulder strap is moved from the top rings to the bottom rings, the Omni becomes a backpack.

It's our goal that you only think about these features when you need them. This way, your bag changes from simple to complex, only to the extent that complexity is wanted.

Through this simple expression, we strive to make a difference with premium materials. Less waste makes a better bag. Through careful measurement of life's adventure, our handmade bags will meet every occasion. This is the advantage of choosing craft over commodity.


What is hemp? Hemp's American heritage


Hemp is stronger than cotton while having a 30% smaller ecological footprint. It grows faster than we can exhaust it, and it is self-compatible, meaning it can be grown in the same plot of land several years in a row.

Hemp was a traditional American crop: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, Andrew Jackson, and other presidents grew hemp, and it continued to be loved for its use in sails and ropes until the 1950's.

Hemp fell out of popularity as a result of the synthetic era, and the prohibition of marijuana. While hemp, the "sober cousin" of marijuana, does not have the same recreational effects, it is technicially a variety of Cannabis sativa and has suffered from negative associations. Strict legal regulations on how & where it can be grown make hemp a tough fabric to find. It's not as abundant or popular as cotton, but it is a kinder crop, and we hope you'll grow to love hemp like we do.

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