Here's the Car Made from Hemp

This sports car has a body made of hemp and a driver on the road to a greener future.

Bruce Dietzen says the car’s body is made from three layers of woven hemp. The material shown in the close-up at 38 seconds looks very familiar: this is nearly the exact hemp canvas we sew with at Artisan Gear!

His car, incredibly, was about 3x greener than today’s electric vehicles, because of how it was made, and then how it was fueled.

Dietzen’s cannabis car was inspired by a cannabis car prototyped by Henry Ford in 1941. Was Henry Ford’s hemp car the real thing? It’s possible that it was not 100% hemp, but either way, the car was made of some very sustainable materials. (source)


If you want to stay tuned on the cannabis car (and find out when you can get one), take a look at Bruce Dietzen’s company Renew, which “designs and manufactures exotic sports car bodies made from eco-friendly hemp.”

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