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For many of our customers, it's enough that our products are made well and look good. Still others like to know what's going on behind the seams. This story is for you...

Sus`tain able

a. Of or relating to a method of harvesting or using a resource so that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged [sustainable techniques] [sustainable agriculture]

b. Of or relating to a lifestyle involving the use of sustainable methods [sustainablesociety]

All materials in the Artisan line are held up to three criteria: Are they sustainable? Will they perform well under a variety of conditions? If a non-renewable material is to be used, will it significantly add to the life of the product?

With cutting edge materials, Artisan successfully creates a high-performance natural option for outdoor, travel and everyday gear.

The production begins with heavy weight hemp fabric. The fabric is then dyed using a low impact process or left in its untreated and natural state. We’ve incorporated 100% cotton and waterproof nylon liners where applicable. Next we bring in nylon webbings, and the highest quality buckles and fasteners in the industry. Seams are double-stitched and taped, key stress points are all reinforced.

At Artisan Gear we emphasize American craftsmanship, attention to detail, sustainable materials and enduring relationships with our customers.

Low Impact Dyes

To create our color palette we employ the synthetic dye groups that use the least amount of water, salt and avoid heavy metals. We never use chlorine bleach. The rich colors we have developed are "fast"; which means they won't bleed when exposed to moisture. However, by avoiding many of the common (but hazardous) dyeing agents, our products will show some gentle fading with use.

Slubs and Shades

Hemp is a natural fiber, thus climate and processing may affect the final shade and appearance of the fabric. Depending on some of these elements, variations in shade or minor irregularities may be evident. These are unique characteristics of the fabric and shouldn’t be taken as defects. We design with these qualities in mind.